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God bless you OACC family and friends!

We are aware of the news shared by the CDC that advised that vaccinated people can safely go without masks indoors and outdoors.

While this is great news and it shows some progress in the midst of this pandemic, One Accord Christian Church will still mandate wearing masks while gathering at our facility. We take your safety very seriously and it is our priority that you are safe as possible while in fellowship with OACC.

In reference to registration, we have been blessed not to have to turn anyone away that desires to worship with us. Registration has been a tool to help us prepare for the gathering numbers. We have learned much about how to gather and how to prepare for gathering during this pandemic. While we will continue to register for now, not too long from now, we will no longer do registrations and will allow people to come at their leisure. When that happens, we will still make a great effort to control how we gather and will use the overflow area as necessary.

Again, your safety is my priority. If you have any questions or concerns, PLEASE, please reach out to me or respond to this email.


Senior Servant, +Robert Bolton

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