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Shut in and Fast

Grace and Peace OACC family and friends! I am excited about what God is going to do in our lives this upcoming year of 2024. Our theme is "Next Level Ministry"! Next level in all areas of our lives individually and corporately!

  • We will come together Sunday morning 12/31/2023 for an abbreviated service.

  • We will come back together overnight for a shut-in prayer service starting at 11:15PM on 12/31/23.

  • Please bring anything and anyone that you want God to work miracles on, whether it be bills, doctor's reports, addictions, confessions, medicine, children, marriage certificates, pocket books, bank statements, your Bible, Hymn book, or whatever it may be.. Bring it and put it on the altar.

  • We will also set a fast -

  • We will fast the day of the 12/31 with vegetables only to set up for the shut in or you may choose to do a liquid fast.

  • The week of January 1st, we will start our 2024 fast on (January 2nd and end it after service on Sunday, January 8th.)

  • From January 2nd - 8th we will choose any 3 days of the week to do only liquids, and no added sugars. The other 3 days, we will do only vegetable meals without meat, sugar, fish, chicken. *****This is 3 days liquid, and 3 days veggies and fruits.

  • If you are unable to do the liquid fast, you may choose tier 2 with veggies and fruits all week.

  • We are believing God for a changed mind and circumstances in our lives for next level Ministry.

  • Finally, asking all that participate in the fast to join the prayer line Tuesday - Friday 1/2/23 - 1/5/23 at any one of the slots each day. (5am, 12 noon, or 7pm.) 720.830.9919. Also read your word and pray daily!

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