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"What I love most about OACC is

  • Sunday school

  • Bishop's sermons

  • Helping the youth

  • Women Empowerment

  • Learning how to face relevant issues of today

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What are you waiting for?! Let's go! "

- Shiles Family 

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"The spirit of the lord is such a great presence there... we just couldn't stop going!"

- James & Adelta 

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"Since joining OACC it has changed my life tremendously. And it can do the same for you! "

- Christopher & Marilyn 

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"There is no denying the love that you are gonna feel when you walk into that building!"

- Katherine

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"OACC does not see you as a number, but as a PARTNER."

- Ron & Theresa 



Explore what’s coming up next at One Accord Christian Church. We want to give you the opportunity to fellowship with your community!

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