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Welcome to the

Merry Marriage Movement!

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Marriage was designed by God for partnership, peace, and joy.  


This partnership, peace, and joy does not come so naturally, neither does it come without working at it.  


Hey, we all need help with our marriages, so why not help each other through the "Merry Marriage Movement"?

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Bringing two people together from different backgrounds, genders, points of view, etc is a challenging disposition.  TMM is being built with your marriage in mind to provide tools and resources to "keep marriages together"!

We will have multiple sessions that will include fun games, homework, interaction, questions, answers, and tools to aid in promoting a 'Merry Marriage'!

"Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate."
(Mark 10:9)

For more information or to discuss your confidential marriage concerns email

Featured Couple

Dennis & Veronica




Dennis and Veronica were both raised in Bronx, NY, and despite a 9-year age difference, they briefly crossed paths during their earlier years. While both in pursuit of collegiate degrees, the two reconnected via Facebook as Veronica initiated conversation. She had a plan!

In November 2014, while visiting NYC from Rochester, Veronica connected with Dennis after several years of occasional facebook communication. Dennis and Veronica went to a party and enjoyed each other’s company. So much so that they would speak every day and began a long distance relationship.

By December of that same year, Dennis found himself on the greyhound in pursuit of happiness. Through long phone/video conversations, Dennis fell in love with Veronica’s beautiful looks (especially her smile), athleticism, perseverance, and her zeal for Christ. For all of the many reasons that Veronica fell in love with Dennis, she attributes his humor, kind heart, passion for football, and compassion/dedication to ministering to the youth through teaching and sports as the main reason, not to mention his lips!

Pretty soon, long phone conversations turned into surprise visits, and shortly after, the two declared that 6 hour drives would be a thing of the past and decided to move in together in September 2015. So, Veronica left Rochester to be with the love of her life in the boogie down Bronx!

On February 13, 2016, which felt like the coldest day ever in history (it was 1 degree), Veronica made Dennis the happiest man on earth by accepting his proposal to be joined in marriage. As their love grew, so did their family, because Dennis and Veronica were blessed with the birth of the first son, Elijah Rene in August 2016.

Shortly after the arrival of their young prince, the enemy proceeded to attack them viciously. Over the next year, both Dennis and Veronica would both lose their jobs - but God! Being faithful children of God, they were repositioned to use their God given talents to make a difference in the lives of the youth, and they wanted to honor God by officially joining in matrimony on August 1, 2017 (Dennis also needed an easy date to remember).

Like so many, Dennis and Veronica experienced heartache as they had two miscarriages. These events would try to break the foundation of their covenant - but God! The Class Family were blessed with another member with the birth of Nicholas Alexander in February 2020.

While going through the storm known as COVID-19, God continued to cover them and provided them abundantly. In August 2020, The Class Family was blessed with a house in Newburgh, NY. Not only were they blessed with one home, but two, because as soon as they moved to the Hudson Valley they were invited to OACC, where they truly felt at home.

Robert & Lashelle




Robert & Lashelle met at St. Paul Baptist Church in early 2008. Although each of them was led to SPBC from different routes, their destination ultimately ended in discovering love.

Both Robert and Lashelle were intentional in deepening their relationship with Christ. They began to have long phone conversations about the preached word, theology, and their personal life journeys. They talked for hours. When not on the phone, they emailed each other and probed deeper into each other’s lives. Unbeknown to each of them, the Holy Spirit was navigating a relationship that was predestined.
Robert proposed to Lashelle on Christmas Eve of that same year, and the couple was married in July 2009. The Boltons knew from the start that their marriage was a ministry. Soon after they joined together as a union, Robert began to be quickly elevated in ministry; eventually being sent out in December 2010 as Interim Pastor of St. John AUMP Church in Goshen, NY and later, planting One Accord Christian Church in Newburgh, NY.

The Boltons have a blended family of five children and three grandchildren. While both Robert & Lashelle keep rigorous schedules of ministry, speaking, writing, and building businesses; they are committed to self-care, wellness, and nurturing & protecting their marriage. One of the coolest aspects of their union is not only are they partners and lovers, but they are best friends.

Kevin & Debra




Kevin and Debra’s Love Story is rather unique and a God-sent. You see,
Kevin and Debra were High School Sweethearts. They met during the summer
of 1979 at One Police Plaza on a summer job assignment. When the summer
job ended, their relationship continued to blossom. They dated for two years until
life came and spread them apart.

During one cold winter night in December of 2018, a little voice called out
to Kevin saying, “DEBRA” a total of three times. Kevin search for the only
Debra Watson that he knew via Facebook at about 3 am, hoping that he would
find her; and he did. Debra’s eyes were still the same after 40 years…some
things just never change!! At that point, Kevin reached out to her via Facebook
Messenger and they reconnected. Both of them, not looking for a romantic
relationship, as they just wanted someone who they could have as a genuine
friend. Kevin and Debra talked every day from December 28 th of 2018.
As time went on, they became incredibly good friends. They spent hours
on the phone laughing, talking about God, and sharing past stories, as they learn
about each other’s habits, past hurts, and future desires. It became apparent
that Kevin and Debra were in love with each other.

God had revealed to them both that their love for each other is strong
enough to get married. Kevin and Debra got engaged on November 9th of 2019
and got married on June 6th of 2020. Only being married for eight months, they
are committed to each other. Together, Kevin and Debra have a blended family
of 4 sons and 4 grandchildren.

Kevin and Debra have made a commitment to grow stronger in the Lord
together as God leads them, to be committed to each other, not go to bed angry,
and to cherish communication, laugh together often, and to always remember
that they are a TEAM, and there’s no ‘I’ in Team.

Broderick & Lisa




Like many great couples, Broderick and Lisa Davis started as friends. They met in 2007 at the bank in Wilson, N.C. where Lisa worked. They cultivated a friendship that will last a lifetime and believe that friendship is the secret behind the success of their marriage. In the beginning, Broderick was drawn to Lisa’s personality, love for her family and sense of humor. Lisa was drawn to Broderick’s devastating good looks, love for the Lord and his sense of humor.

They started dating in 2008 and were engaged in 2009 after going through the trials that come with dating long distance while Broderick was away with the military. They were married in December of 2010 and developed the “Davis Plan.” The Davis Plan stems from Jeremiah 29:5 which states “5 Build ye houses, and dwell in them; and plant gardens, and eat the fruit of them. The Davis Plan represents the commitment that they made to one other to be constantly growing and striving for better so that they can leave a lasting legacy to their “children’s children.”

Broderick and Lisa have 2 beautiful girls, Aiyana (15) and Aleah (8). As a military family, they have lived in several different states. This has given them a greater appreciation for family and a greater love for one another other. Broderick and Lisa are committed to continually growing as individuals and as a couple while always keeping the Lord at the center of it all.

December 11, 2020 marked their 10th wedding anniversary and although the pandemic made it virtually impossible to celebrate, they are most grateful that they have one another.

Justin & Carrie




The Relf’s met at church in 2011. At the time, they were both serving as armor bearer to their individual ministry leaders. They started dating in 2012. While they had some off and on moments in their relationship, they continued to build a strong friendship. To this date, they believe their friendship is what helps to get them through their rough moments.  On March 21, 2015 they married. This year, 2021, the Relf’s will be celebrating their 6th Wedding Anniversary! In 2013, they founded Rhema Revealed Ministries Inc. in Troy, New York, where they currently serve together as Pastors.

Carrie truly believes that Justin brings out the best in her by always challenging her to be better, to not let her past hinder her future, and always believing that she is a true gift that is needed by the world. What Carrie most loves about Justin is his passion for God, his community and his family. Carrie also loves his personality and sense of humor. If you need a good laugh, He’s your guy! 

Since Carrie has come into Justin’s life, what he defined as “living” has been challenged and has changed. Carrie has taught Justin how to see value within himself and to recognize that he has something to offer not only to his world but the world! Justin admires Carrie's passion to step outside of her comfort zone and to see the world and experience all the world has to offer. What he loves most about Carrie is her ability to Love him and people in spite of, which he continues to learn and glean from.

Though the Relf’s find it very difficult at times to deal with the hardships that come along with marriage, they stand strong in the purpose of God that has joined us together. It is their prayer that God continues to grace them with the strategies for successful marriage. The Relf’s are most excited to grow together, as individuals and as a union, fulfilling everything God has ordained them to do. They are praying and believing in God to grow their family. The Relf’s have declared this a year of generational curse breaking and generational healing.

Alpheus & Tiffany




Tiffany and I meet in May of 2008 at the church we were attending. In August I asked our pastor if I could pursue her. He gave his blessing and gave a nudge by having her ride with me to a church service. After the church service we talked for hours. We made our relationship official on September 2, 2008.

We dated for two years before getting married on September 17, 2010. Together we have a blended family. I have two sons from a pervious marriage Alpheus Jr (AJ) and Brian. We welcomed our first child together, a son, Mikhah, in July of 2012. We were then blessed with the only princess , Symphany, in the house in March of 2014. Then we received an unexpected surprise when we were blessed with twin boys, Timaeus and Pearce, in August 2018.

We have endured a lot through our 12 years together: two miscarriages, losing loved ones, homelessness, financial hardships, near death experiences, moving from the south to the north and much more. We understand that it is only by God’s grace and love that we are still standing today

Derrick & Lisa




We met in 1988 (officially, though we went to high school together) when I had just gotten a job at the same supermarket where Derrick worked. After dating shortly, it was an on and off romance while I was away at college and he continued toward his passion with singing.

Through the ups and downs, we discovered that God had our union destined from the beginning. God caused us to step back and have nothing to do with the divine RE-union, JUST as was spoken through a prophet. We were finally married in 2001.
Together we have a son, and Derrick, a daughter from a previous union.

As a family we love the celebrations of our birthdays together with extended family, especially.

Our passion to serve the Lord as a couple has allowed the pastoring a church, and ministering in many churches, and cities around the United States, and the Caribbean both separately and together.
Through God’s anointing to teach God Word, we continued to grow closer to God and each other.

Our strengths to love and
forgive one another, to cherish communication, and encourage one another has been the center of our marriage through Christ Jesus.

We love Jazz, old school music, beaches, and traveling together. Especially road trips.
Marriage is sacred and important to both of us and through Christ, we are thankful to God to announce that we will celebrate 20 years in 2021!!!

Ron & Theresa




Ron and Theresa met in 1999 and were married on June 28th 2000. We welcomed our son, Tristen on March 20, 2002.

The twenty years we have spent together was filled with fun couple activities, romantic date nights, meaningful bonding, and many trials and tribulations. Some of those trials and tribulations were fairly easy to overcome; others take much time, effort, Prayer, and even professional help. I am grateful as I reflect on twenty years of marriage that our trials of our marriage has revealed a deeper, Christ centered experience. Our favorite thing we share is late night conversations and the uncontrollable laughter that comes from being so sleepy.

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