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Youth Experience


Do you have children that you want them to learn all about Jesus and have their own kids experience? Well, you have found the right partner! We, The One Accord Christian Church have the “Youth Experience” where your child can enjoy their own area and own experience with our very loving and capable teachers.

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Our youth enjoy games that teach them about responsibility, the values of education, arts and crafts, sharing, and many other character traits, all with a Biblical Basis.


First we have Sunday Bible School for adults and youth. This starts at 10:30AM. We have our regular services with praise and worship, and then the Word at 11:30AM. The children have their own experience during that time only if they choose to go.


You also have the choice to keep them in the main sanctuary with you. We have our kids choir, our kids praise team, our kids dance, and the list goes on. We desire to utilize the gifts that our children have just as much as our adults.

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