Ministerial Team

Created by God to Serve Him!

Elder Lashelle Bolton 

Mind of Christ Ministry 

Mind of Christ (MOC) is purposed to empower, educate, engage and encourage people of all ages and wellness status. This ministry is founded on 3 John 1:2 “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth” It is also built on principles that believe nothing can change until the mind changes first. MOC desires to impart nutritional, emotional, and spiritual wellness resources in the body of Christ and beyond; through weekly prayer calls, monthly newsletters, roundtable gatherings and conferences. 

Sis. Maria Shiles 

Youth Ministry 

The Vision of One Accord Christian Church Youth Ministry is that the next generation of people are rooted and grounded with a heart-filled passion for our savior Jesus Christ and His word, which will be proclaimed to all for the purpose of saving souls. The youth will be positive that they are loved by God who has a plan and purpose for their life, as they will be encouraged and inspired by our example (1 Tim. 4:12 NIV Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers, in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity). In turn, young people will grow in spirit and in number. This growth will prepare the youth for a successful and fulfilling life that builds character and meaningful relationships for future quality leaders in the service of God and the community.

Bro. Rohan Simms 

Men's Ministry 

OACC Men on the Front-Line vision is to be men of valor and integrity. We are committed to be in position for our families, community, and church. We will make ourselves available to do the “heavy lifting” both physically and spiritually for all Kingdom matters through OACC. We will lift up Jesus so that other men, families, and the like will be drawn to Christ through our ministry of love and commitment. We will fellowship with other men in the Kingdom and go out into the streets near and far to witness to the lost souls in this cruel world. We will do all possible to support the vision of OACC as Men on the Front-Line serving those around us and within our OACC family. We endeavor to Minister to the Total Man!

Ministerial Team

Created by God to Serve Him!

Minister Debra Watson

Outreach Ministry 

One Accord Christian Church Outreach Ministry is to reach and restore hope and the spiritual need of the people in the community by putting God's love into action.  Outreach primary purpose is to offer nourishment for the body and soul; by proclaiming the Good News that Jesus Christ came and died for the sins of the world. Our desire is that ALL will see, hear, and experience God's love in tangible ways.  

Minister Maxine Murray 

First Fruit Prayer Ministry 

One Accord First Fruit Prayer Ministry is devoted and committed to being prayer Watchman for God’s people. OACC prays for cities, towns, the United States and the nation at large. Our focus is to intercede, pray, supplicate and petition for everyone whether individually or corporately for man, women, or child and those in authority. Our desire is to see lives changed supernaturally through divine encounters, and God pouring out His Spirt so that all come to acknowledge of truth. We pray strategically, by name and need without ceasing because the Fervent prayer of the righteous availth much.


Liturgical Dance Ministry

To Dance for the Glory of God using Flags, Banners and Tambourines. To dance through expressions of Mime and Liturgical Dance in a manner that will bring encouragement, healing and breakthrough. We present ourselves in excellence of God and a representation of One Accord Christian Church.

Ministerial Team

Created by God to Serve Him!

Minister Wendy Riley

Transportation Ministry 

The Bible states in Hebrews 10:25: Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. (KJV). The Vision of the transportation department of OACC is to give all people every opportunity to participate in activities of ministry that will enhance the experience and growth of the Total Man. We do not want distance or transportation to be a barrier for people that have a desire to get to the House of Worship and activities that relate to God’s work.

Sis. Cindy Atkins-Pryce

Culinary Ministry 

The One Accord Christian Church (OACC) Culinary Ministry coordinates and prepares a balanced menu of food and beverages for church supported events and activities. We seek to provide a fellowship opportunity for our OACC Partners, family and friends while providing nourishment to our bodies. We are committed to practicing a high-quality standard on the preparation and serving of food within this ministry.

Lady Adelta & Deacon James Upshur

Pastor’s Aid Ministry

To serve our Bishop and First Lady Bolton and their immediate family whole heartedly. To be sure that their needs are met spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially. We would always be praying for them, encouraging them and supporting the Vision that GOD has given them for this body.

Ministerial Team

Created by God to Serve Him!

Elder Tisha Sherman

Administration Ministry 

The role of an Administrator in today's church is important and essential. The Administrator must be spiritually mature and walk in integrity and honesty. The Administrator acts as a liaison between the Pastor, the congregation and the staff. The Administrator ensures that the directions set by the Pastor is implemented, and that there is accountability, it is important to keep the line of communication open and flowing. The Administrator also takes care of facilities management, to ascertain that the building is being maintained.


Christian Education

The mission and vision of the Christian Education Ministry of One Accord Christian Church is to glorify God through the gifts, talents, and resources of its disciples, and to develop and enhance the disciples' spiritual growth and maturity in Christ.

Prophetess Lisa Henderson

Jewels for Christ Women's Ministry

The Jewels for Christ Women's Ministry is designed to empower women in the church and community. This ministry is purposed to build the "Total Woman" through areas of bible study, book clubs, small group sessions, fellowship opportunities, prayer lines, outreach and conferences. Women of all ages are encouraged to participate.

Ministerial Team 

Created by God to Serve Him!

Sis. Anabelle Simms

Media Ministry 

The Media Services is committed to ensure that our partners and viewers stay connected with God through the word by keeping them informed and up to date. We strive to meet our partners need as technology evolves and the world changes.

MIT Theresa Brown

Administration Ministry

There is more to the role of church administration than just a job because there is a spiritual dimension to it. The spiritual gift of administration is the ability to push the God-given vision of the leaders. It’s an understanding of the spiritual nature of practical work. My desire is to serve the leaders, the people, and the church in such a way that you can tell it is an expression of my absolute reliance on the Lord. Church administration requires the ability to see the Pastors vision and direction so that tasks are done in a way that promotes the work of God and the growth of the ministry.

Deacon Aaron Shiles

Security Ministry 

The OACC Security Team will protect the church, ministerial team, partners and safeguard all people on all premises given the authority to regulate. We strive to make certain that every member and guest while at any facility, interior and exterior are always safe. Every team member is committed to serving and empowering others through prayer, love and helping regardless of the task. We will use wisdom in all things, assuring that we always act professionally, building relationships with all that we serve and always working together in the Spirit of Excellence.

Elder Marc King

Adjutant Ministry 

1st Samuel 16:21 And David came to Saul and stood before him: and he loved him greatly: and he became his Armor bearer.  

The position of Chief Adjutant of OACC is a God given position that I am honored to have humbly accepted after much Prayer.  As the Chief Adjutant the Lord will strengthen me and the Adjutant/Armor Bearer team to continue to Pray for the Bishop of OACC and his Family, not just during Church service but Pray at every opportunity. We will continue to hold up the hands of our Bishop as Aaron and Hur did with Moses in Exodus 17:14. We will continually lift them before the Lord.   The Lord has entrusted me with Serving our leader and I will serve in this office to the best of my ability.  I will assist my Leader in all that is needed. I will be that listening ear when needed, I will be that Prayer Warrior when needed. I will also assist in training Adjutants and Armor Bearers of my Bishops choosing that has the willingness to serve in this capacity. As we serve, we will serve with the Spirit of Excellence all for the Glory of God

To God be the Glory for the great things he has done

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